Three Weeks Old…

Some changes now that Cadence is three weeks old! She seems more settled and is sleeping longer. And I’ve been able to put her down while she naps (before she’d wake up after like 5 minutes. It’s so nice having 2 hands free. I did the laundry and dishes today!). She still gets fussy over wet diapers & fidgets while she poops/passes gas. She’s been talking more. She likes to be awake from 10 pm – 1am -ish; right when Adam & I are ready for bed. She gets somewhat fussy during that time. Where’s Paw Paw when you need her?

Adam & I have noticed our little chubbos is feeling heavier & more substantial. Her weight gain no longer feels like it’s just cheek. I tried weighing myself with and without her – she may be close to 9 lbs! She poops a lot and hates to have her wet diapers changed (or made).

And she started spitting up this week. Luckily, not projectile (like Auntie Stephanos).

She makes these weird noises that sound like a gremlin. so cute.

Like most parents, we think Cadence is ahead of the curve. We’re always remarking on how strong she is (able to hold up her head quite a bit). She gets that from her mommy. πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Three Weeks Old…

  1. Great Anuty Polly

    Aaw, she’s getting big already!! They grow up so fast!

    Try not to jiggle her too much. My gf would unconsciously flip her baby around, bounce him on her knee, fly him around while she’s talking. And then she had the nerve to ask me why he didn’t spit up when I carried him. Uhm…!! πŸ˜‰

    Not to worry, I’m sure it’s normal for babies to spit up. And I’m sorry I can’t tell you any of those weird/scary post-partum stories. From what I understand, all of those things just fade into the background as time goes by, so you won’t be a fount of wisdom for others either. Unless you keep writing it down, of course. And each pregnancy could be different from the last one. So what you learn now might not even apply the next time!

    Glad you’re getting a longer stretch of time to do your own things. I want to hear her sound like a gremlin. Could you video it for us?

    Thanks for the update! Look forward to seeing you guys in 3 weeks!! xox

      1. Great Anuty Polly

        LOL,that was a good 28 seconds… She’s so cute! Yawning – cute, gremlin noises – cute, wiggling – cute!

        Oh, dear, these next 3 weeks are going to crawwwwl by!
        Hope we don’t freak her out with all the snuggles, cuddles, smiles, laughing and kisses non-stop! <3


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