Monthly Archives: August 2022

Blake starts kindergarten!

Blake has entered kindergarten at Boulevard. His teacher is Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw. She seems so great! Giselle loves her.

We had an orientation Tuesday afternoon. He looked completely overwhelmed.

Wednesday was his first day of school. We all dropped him off and he sob cried! So heartbreaking. Mrs. Shaw led him away & texted photos. She said once he saw the Lego model of the school he was happy. She said he wasn’t much into coloring & needed assistance with holding the pencil.

The next day, Blake was super excited to ride the bus with Cadence. I asked Cadence to ride with him, help him ease in & she total ditched him to sit with her friends. I get it but he looked so sad! 

Now they have assigned seats on the bus and I guess Blake talks to a girl on the bus. 

They both seem happy and excited with school. So grateful it’s working out! It’s made such a difference for me in terms of peace of mind. I get some time at home alone which I’ve needed to quiet myself. It’s been a very long time!