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July 2016 with San San

7/1/16 throwing poopoo with Jason

7/2/16 Cadence and San San fun!

IMG_3028[1] IMG_3029[1]

7/2/16 post-massage bliss


7/3/16 July Fourth celebrating!

IMG_3032[1] Capture

7/3/16¬†We went to Sharon, MA for Cadence’s first fireworks. She was lukewarm enjoying them. She watched while we pretended we were babies watching fireworks for the first time (her idea, not mine).

IMG_3034[1] IMG_3035[1]

7/4/16 creeeeeeeepy

IMG_3038[1] IMG_3039[1]

IMG_3040[1] IMG_3041[1]

7/8/16 a treat for you all


7/9/16 the two P’s important for Cadence and I: posing and playing


7/17/16 beachin’ with my ladies


First kiss!

image image imageimageimageCadence: can I tell you a secret?
Me: yes
C: Anthony kissed me!

Yes, he asked.

Yes, it was on the lips.

she said maybe someday they’ll fall in love.

I asked her what about Jon & she said she always wanted 2 boyfriends.

she told Adam she would always be his boosens.

Anthony & she have been playing a lot – they play a lot of dinosaurs together (Cadence is the baby, Anthony the father.) & have become best friends. We’ve hung out w them the past couple of days.



So big

Cadence has stopped napping.

ever since Cleveland in May she’s gotten much braver (mee mee got her climbing at the playgrounds) & more independent (requires less snuggle time).

and she’s a faster runner!

June 2016 with San San

6/3/16 selfie city


6/4/16 sisters walking on the Esplanade


6/5/16 Steph and Cadence swap faces on Snapchat


6/9/16 getting our 23andme on. Step 1: spit in these tubes. Sam’s was super bubbly and gross and everywhere.

IMG_2865[1] IMG_2866[1]

6/12/16 Girls and Jonathan Day!

IMG_2870[1] IMG_2872[1] IMG_2873[1] IMG_2874[1] IMG_2875[2] IMG_2876[1]

6/21/16 terrifying strawberry snapchat filter


6/30/16 day 1 of July 4th weekend fun!

IMG_3010[1] IMG_3011[1] IMG_3012[1] IMG_3013[1] IMG_3014[1]

6/30/16 Adam and Cadence will smack talk the other about how their own food is “dripping” but that their counterpart’s food is nasty

6/30/16 fun working out together

6/30/16 bow game is strong

IMG_3017[1] IMG_3018[1]

6/30/16 too many selfies, not enough playing with barbies