Monthly Archives: October 2017

Blakey at 2 months

He’s mostly outgrown his newborn clothes and the size 1 diapers are small.

He’s been smiling at me.

He loves to be held tight.

He loves kisses and has been stretching to give me kisses.

He likes to stand up. His legs are so strong.

Still sleeps most of the day. Awake a couple of hours each day. Still been pretty good about sleeping though night. Many nights we don’t get out of bed at all!

Blake – 2 month doc

date checkup weight (lbs) height (inches) head (inches)
Monday, August 14, 2017 birth 5.93 19.1 13.4
Sunday, September 3, 2017 day after release from hospital 7.43 19 13.4
Monday, September 11, 2017 1 month 8.29 20.5 14
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 2 months 11.52 22 15

G-daddy’s guess was the closest to his actual weight.

Blake got 3 immunization shots and was quite cranky. Nurse was impressed by how alert & strong he is! He can definitely track things now (watches me move across the room, likes the lights and Adam’s meat pictures). He likes to kick and stand, can mostly hold his head.