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November 2015 with San San

11/3/15 Paw taught Cadence how to eat dragon eyes – just eat the white fruit! Don’t eat the seed/rock in the middle! Cadence liked it so much that Paw peeled 20+ dragon eyes for her!


11/4/15 Cadence turns three! Didn’t even plan the timing of that kiss

11/15/15 Cadence’s first mooncake! She had red bean and really liked it. She said that it was kinda like chocolate, but different. We split one in the car and then her dad gave her some more of his!

IMG_2149[1] IMG_2153[1] IMG_2154[1] IMG_2156[1]

11/22/15 total chocolate brownie batter face at my apartment

IMG_2164[1] IMG_2165[1] IMG_2166[1]


11/25/15 Jonathan and Cadence feeding “Cindy”

11/25/15 Butts and Cadence playing with Doc McStuffins

11/26/15 paw/san selfie


11/26/15 patch attack!

IMG_2208[1] IMG_2210[1] IMG_2211[1] IMG_2212[1]

11/27/15 paella. goddamn, goddamn. you see those white truffles, you see all that seafood.