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Since I didn’t post all year…

Cadence has really come into her own in fourth grade. She seemed to more clearly know who she is. And she grew a ton (physically). She loved Mrs. Stoller. Mrs. Stoller really had Cadence motivated to learn more. Cadence did awesome at her exhibition, speaking so clearly and loudly. I was so proud of her.

Blake started kindergarten not knowing how to hold a pencil, his letters, or numbers. With the help of Mrs. Shaw and Mr. Fellinger, he no longer needs extra reading assistance. Blake broke his arm 4/20 and it didn’t phase him. After his first tooth fell out, he hit his head, and other weird incidents at school, his anxiety at school increased. He cried for about a month before school. It kind of just stopped after awhile. Ms. Rollins has been so kind & supportive. And amazing that she gave books, personalized for each kid, for a holiday gift.