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August 2016 with San San

8/6/16¬†we went to Paint Nite for the first time all together for MeeMee’s birthday!

IMG_3171[1] IMG_3172[1]

8/6/16 then things got admittedly weird when we started swapping faces!

IMG_3173[1] IMG_3174[1] IMG_3175[1] IMG_3176[1] IMG_3177[1] IMG_3178[1] IMG_3179[1] IMG_3180[1] IMG_3181[1]

8/6/16 and then we went to have a lot of meat (read: fat) for MeeMee’s birthday!

IMG_3182[2] IMG_3183[1] IMG_3185[1]Capture

8/6/16 I got Paw to swap faces with me and I feel great about it


8/6/16 Steph got super lethargic (same with Mike) from all of the fatty foods, but mostly this photo is hilarious because Sam’s body looks super weird in this shot


8/6/16 we did masques at the end of the night and Cadence and MeeMee were the cutest little seals


8/7/16 got ice cream at Mitchell’s in Ohio City


8/7/16 went to Cedar Hill for a festival where Cadence got to meet Elsa


Dealing with confrontation

Cadence isn’t the best at dealing with confrontation. Unlike other kids who instinctively know to push someone away or grab their toys back, Cadence gets a panicky look on her face & doesn’t do anything.

Recently, she got pinched by a schoolmate. I asked her what happened to her arm & she told me “xxx pinched me.” I was mad! No one’s allowed to pinch my girl! Cadence has had a bit of problems with him b/c he’s jealous of her friendship w/ Anthony (I think).

I told her she has to scream “Don’t do that! That hurts!” & tell a teacher. Became a teaching moment. I spoke with Rosie about it the next day & she spoke with xxx and Cadence. Cadence still is mad at the kid & doesn’t want to be his friend. Hopefully she’ll learn how to deal with bullies & confrontation a bit more.


I told Cadence she could only pour half of the remaining bubbles into her bath. She asked me what half meant. I thought about how to explain it. Then I showed her a circle with my hand & showed her a half circle with my hand, explaining that it was half.

Later that night, she was asking Adam to come to Cleveland for half the time & did the half circle with her hand. He said he had to work a lot (a full circle w. hand) and couldn’t. She told him to work a lot (a full circle) and then to come to Cleveland for half. He said it didn’t work like that.

I was impressed she understood more or less to apply the concept that day!