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May 2016 with San San

5/1/16 Cadence and I had a “girls’ day” together and started off with some dim sum!

IMG_2695[1] IMG_2696[1]

5/1/16 next stop on girls’ day was bubble tea (though we also picked up some stuff from the Chinese bakery before this)

IMG_2697[1] IMG_2698[1]

5/1/16 we did some imagining of what emotions we would experience while watching Zootopia, so we acted them out!

5/1/16 then we went to see Zootopia for her second movie in theaters!


5/1/16 she was really into these “Star Wars” characters, so she asked me to snap this shot with them


5/1/16 obviously did some Snapchatting on the T ride home

IMG_2702[1] IMG_2703[1]

5/1/6 last activity before naptime and the end of Girls’ Day!


5/1/16 closed the night by making some cupcake cones, at which time she said “OMG,” which I’ve never heard her say before

5/8/16 just snuggin’


5/14/16 breakfast at Fire in CLE!


5/15/16 who is the better hider?


5/20/16 sisters do Copley Square in summer!

IMG_2781[1] IMG_2782[1]

5/21/16 my little Rapunzel

IMG_2783[1] IMG_2784[1]

5/21/16 Adam’s face from when he was younger put on Cadence’s head – it’s a pretty good match!IMG_2785[1]IMG_2757[1]

5/22/16 everybody snugglin’

IMG_2789[1] IMG_2790[1]

5/22/16 birthday celebrating!

IMG_2791[1] IMG_2792[1]

5/22/16 my two sleepy babies!


5/28/16 This shall keep me safe from the hot Mexican sun.