Monthly Archives: December 2017

Progress report

We had Cadence’s first Parent-teacher conference at the BTU. Lesley said that Cadence was quiet in the beginning and now very inquisitive. She said Cadence follows her around and asks her why she does something or to find out more about something. Her skill set is great. For example, Cadence is able to identify all her letters and count higher than 20 (the expectation for k1; she counted to 39). I’m happy that Cadence is learning her to write her letters and numbers. She said that Cadence has high emotional intelligence. That she checks in with Bridget when Bridget is grumpy to see if Bridget wants to play. If not she place with someone else. I checked in (though had already confirmed with Cadence) that Cadence is able to handle confrontation. Cadence has told me that if someone is bothering her she does tell Lesley and Lesley puts them in timeout.

I asked if Cadence plays in groups and Lesley said she seems to prefer shy away from that. I said she prefers the calm, to which Lesley replied, how great that Cadence knows that!

Oh Christmas tree

Cadence hasn’t really embraced the whole holiday spirit. We need the Hobbs help.
We went Christmas tree shopping & Adam told her to pick a tree. She picked the first one she saw & asked to leave.
Me to cadence the next day, can you smell the Christmas tree? C: I don’t want a tree in the house.
she does want to see Santa and wait up for him, so slight improvements.