Monthly Archives: September 2017

Blake – 6 weeks

Blake has been adjusting well to life at home.

He still is mostly sleeping though does spend a couple hours everyday awake. He still is a chill baby and can be put down. He seems to suffer from reflux, which makes him uncomfortable with gas, burps, and makes it hard for him to eat (fusses while eating).

He likes looking at the sunlight. He farts a lot and loudly. He likes being bounced and snuggled.

K1 update

Cadence has adjusted well to school. Her first day was September 14. Here’s her review

1st day of k1 review

She’s made friends & Bridget has already come over for a play date.

Cadence’s teacher, Lesley sends us text messages and photos of the kids playing which is nice and slightly weird. She also sends us weekly newsletters.

Cadence cried about 3 times at drop off and since then has been great. She proudly declares, I’m so glad I’m getting used to school!

So far, I’ve been impressed with the Boston school. They offer breakfast, snacks, and lunch for the kids at no cost. Cadence has tried some lunches and generally likes them. She has even tried lettuce and liked it!

The Boston school also offers dental care and eye tests at no cost. It’s nice that the public school cares for its students in a holistic manner.

She’s been napping during rest time & comes home singing songs she’s learned. She’s doing great and I couldn’t be more proud.