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34 week visit

had the 34 week visit on Friday. CJ’s heartbeat sounded good – she was in the 130s. she kept moving away from Crystal (our midwife).

tracking bigger (again!) @ 36 cms – so Crystal wants to take a look next time I go in. She says this could be caused by stretching or fluids & not to be concerned.

speaking of tracking big – this random guy at the Big E told me I looked like I was going to deliver tomorrow. =\

Samantha was definitely a spoiled mama’s girl.

Samantha was definitely a spoiled mama’s girl. From her birth, she had to be held by her mother.  At any time that her mother would leave home & I would be entrusted with the task of babysitting, she would wail without end.  Even if I had friends who would help, it would not matter as she would wail and wail no matter who held her.  Her nonstop wailing would only cease when her mother returned home.
If Cadence takes after her mother, I have great sympathy for Adam.

Baby Shower Extravaganza!

thanks to everyone who was able to attend our baby shower! fun times @ bukhara were had by all (I think).

special thanks to my mom & Tia Dhana for pulling the whole thing together! Adam & I really appreciate all the work and thought you put into it.

Cadence is a lucky little lady. We thank you for all the well wishes, love and presents!

Here’s some pics from the shower weekend:

Thanks again to everyone! Love you all!