Monthly Archives: September 2018

Mr Jerry

On Cadence’s teacher, my friend’s kid acts out in class. His mom is an artist & he wants to be an artist. Today, to start the day (& get Si out of the madness), Mr Jerry was sitting w Si & sketching w him. I was impressed that Mr Jerry met Si where he’s comfortable & is trying that tactic w him

K2 – increases responsibility

Cadence started school last Tuesday with Mr. Jerry and Ms. Georgina. So far, so good! She went off on her first day without a hitch, I think partially bc she’s with the same classmates.

She has said that she and Bridget don’t get to play as much, so that’s kind of a bummer. She eats meals in the cafeteria.

Mr. Jerry’s class is much more structured. He has them go to assigned areas in the morning and rotate through when they’re done. This week, rather than have the activities out, he is asking that kids who get there first put them out. Interesting to see his rate of increased responsibilities. Cadence is already pretty responsible.

Blake at 12 months

Commands Blake understands:

1. Yes

2. No

3. Dah jung jai (clap hands in Cantonese)

4. Upstairs

5. Downstairs

6. Video/YouTube

7. Eat

8. Hi/bye

9. Si sow (wash hands)

10. Kiss

11. Snugg’ems

If he wants to watch a video or tv, he’ll throw/hand a remote or phone at someone. Also smacks my chest when wants attention.

He loves to climb and eat meat. Loves his sister & Korean and Japanese YouTube videos.

Blake needs to be watched all the time bc he will definitely be getting into something he shouldn’t or get hurt.