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January 2015 with San San

Sorry I’m late to the party, but better late than never, right?

1/17/15 Cadence came to my apartment and played hide-and-seek with my roommate, Kayla (who taught Cadence to call her Boo).

1/18/15 Cadence asked me to create a pouch for her so that she could keep her baby joey close to her.





1/18/15 Jonathan making Cadence giggle by leaning back.

1/18/15 Rocky Balboa fun – Jonathan/Cadence

1/23/15 Cadence and her Mama on the plane to Chicago!





1/23/15 Playing hide-and-seek with Uncle Butts and Cadence at the Halvorsens’



1/23/15 playing this weird “Don’t come in! Naughty, naughty!” game at the Halvorsens’, which she also played with Chris

IMG_0728[1] IMG_0730[1] IMG_0731[1] IMG_0732[1] IMG_0733[1] IMG_0734[1] IMG_0735[1] IMG_0736[1]

1/23/15 Dance party at the Halvorsens’. Sorry I f’d up and held the camera all weird. Also Sam slays me in this video.

1/24/15 Horsin’ around with Mee-Mee.

1/25/15 Johnny, Johnny singalong

1/25/15 heading back to BOS – Cadence all set-up for the flight with headphones and a super loungey leg

IMG_0742[1] IMG_0743[1]



Cadence has entered the “mine” phase. Every once in a while, she’ll surprise me by sharing (example, G-Daddy sent her to bags of Easter chocolate & she gave me a bag).

More times, she’ll say things are “mine” & “go away.” Or she’ll eat her grandma’s chocolate & feel guilty about it.

Here’s a video of her in action: