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Cady and Grandma the past six months

My Sweet Cady..I can’t believe that 6 months have passed since I started looking after you while Mommy and Daddy went off to work.I started looking after you when you were 3 months old and I must say that you were a bit high maintenance as you weren’t happy unless you were being held ALL the time.You have gotten a lot of gifts from family and friends but by far the best gift you received during your 3rd. month was a bouncy seat from Mee mee.Everyone loved it,while you were happily bouncing away it gave the rest of us some much needed free time.

You’re reached many milestones in the past 6 months and I warmly remember some of them while writing this entry.I remember trying to teach you how to sit unassisted.We called those sessions Grandmas Boot Camp and you did ever so well as you could sit by yourself before you turned 5 months,we were all so proud of you.I bought you a sippy cup for water and you loved it..still do and you were able to hold it yourself in your 5th month.I remember one day watching you sitting on the floor playing while trying to pick up some toys and you stopped in mid stream just staring at your fingers. You had such a cute look of wonderment while trying to figure out how to work them and figured it out and began to pick up everything in site.All I had to do when I wanted to take a picture of you was to show you my camera and before I even focused you were smiling…such a little ham.

I’ve been there for many of your “first”. The 1st. time you held your bottle by yourself.The 1st. time I fed you your first solid food(rice cereal). Your 1st. word(Dada).Your 1st. true love..Daniel Tiger and who can blame you as he is so cute and well behaved..just don’t cook him anything with sugar in it.Now you are crawling..standing and any day now you’ll be walking. I am so extremely grateful to Mommy and Daddy for giving me the opportunity to be a part of all those “first”

You and I have taught each other a few things. I’m trying to teach you about books and the joy they can bring into your life. You really do seem to enjoy when I read to you. You kiss a lot of pages that you seem to like(so sweet).I hope your love for books stays with you a lifetime as they can enrich your life so so much.You say book a lot so I have a feeling you are already on your way.I’m having fun teaching you about your neighborhood during our outings.Your learning about different vehicles,different buildings..nature and meeting all sorts of interesting people.Though you don’t realize it,you also have taught me a few things. One being how laughter from the heart feels as I bounce you on my lap while watching and singing your favorite song..Wheels on the bus.Another thing you taught me was how to look at nature through your eyes. You saw your first butterfly a few weeks ago and was totally mesmerized.We stop and look at the pretty flowers which you love where normally I would just past them without much thought. I love sharing these moments with you.

You have many lessons and things to experience as you grow and I look forward to sharing those magical moments with you.This time we are spending together is creating a bond between us,a bond that can only belong to us. It’s a bond that I cherish with my whole being and a bond that will forever be in my heart. Hugs Love and Kisses xoxo Grandma.

“Baby cadence has a big family”

Mee mee, paw and grandpa mike came up to visit this past weekend. Coincidentally, Katie, Jason, Penelope and Susan and Eric were also here. So a BBQ was held and all were stuffed.

Cadence totally invaded Penelope’s personal space. She wanted to play with her and take her doll. She even leaned in for a kiss, which Penelope quickly rejected. Penelope had the understated comment of the weekend, “baby Cadence has a big family.”

We went to Hampton beach and Cadence had fun in the water. She didn’t mind the waves and it was way too cold to go in.

Paw sang Cadence to sleep. and gave Emma Rose Chinese name options.






Dr. San performing her power in ear cleaning. Mee mee volunteered san’s work for paw (now sans expertise/power).





Baby at Hampton beach. She really liked hot fudge!