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March 2016 with San San

3/13/16¬†Snapchattin’ with Jonathan and Cadence


3/21/16 I know everyone has probably already seen this weird Snapchat video, but the still is just so good


3/30/16 this Snapchat swapping faces slays me


3/27/16 checking out Jonathan’s work at the Uncanny show (


3/27/16 Sam and I swapped faces on Snapchat, except there was very little change…


3/27/16 Cadence and Jonathan playing



a couple of weeks ago, Cadence started saying sarcastic things.

For example, Adam dropped Cadence off @ school & she goes, “great, we’re at school.”

Another example, “thanks for putting my bed together.”

Also she was being super bitchy to Adam. He said, “Cadence, I like your ponytail.” And Cadence said, “I don’t like your haircut. Or your shirt.”

whos going to take her when her real teenage years are here?