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Cadence! More random updates…

Cadence is a sweetie happy baby. She loves kisses and smiles at us daily.

She loves watching TV. Adam thinks she really likes Arrested Development – I think she just likes the lights and noises.

She pretty much sleeps through the night (usually in bed between 10-12, wake up 8-10). I hardly wake up (semi wake to semi feed her). She’s still sleeping in our bed.

She basically wants to be held most if not all of the day.

She’s still eating every two hours or so.
And she returns it in a blowout diaper about once a day. So fun!

We’ve been showering with her which she likes. Babies are so slippery!

Katie thinks Cadence has strong legs for her age. CJ loves to stand up.

CJ started talking to us – makes me think of whales singing.

Back to work :(

I head back to work tomorrow. 🙁 feeling sad about leaving Cadence and not getting to spend our days together. I know it’ll get easier but I’m going to miss Cadence who is such a sweetheart!

It’ll be nice to see work friends and I hope it’ll make me appreciate the time we spend together more.

A lot of people have been wondering what we’ll do with her.

We’re fortunate to have family who’s willing to help out. Grandma has offered to babysit Tuesday through Thursday. She’ll stay with us while on Cadence duty. Cassandra has two days off of school and has been nice enough to offer that time to be Cadence’s slave. This is going to be such a huge help and I’m very thankful for their generous offer. I hope Cadence won’t make them regret it. Thank you.

Jane has to move and g-yee and me-me (formerly paw. We’ll see where we end up on this but had discussions over Christmas on the complications of calling our mom Paw.) are going to take the first two weeks of Cadence duty (&doody). Thanks to g-yee and me-me for being there when we need the backup! It’s amazing to have people you can count on to drop everything and offer help. Thank you.

And to Auntie Awesome, who’s offered her services a weekend every quarter to babysit so Adam and I can have a rest. Thank you.

And special thanks to my mom – you never know how much your mom loves you until you become a mom. Thank you.

So many people to thank – I hope one day to be able to pay it forward!!!

Thank you Katie and Celeste!

Katie and Celeste had the sweetest idea of giving me a gift each month to get through motherhood (sounds like a punishment but totally a gift but hard work!).

Katie sent cleanup items and chocolate the first month month one

Celeste gave us a cd and car charms or month two. You are my Sunshine makes me think of my maternal grandparents – my grandfather used to sing the song to my grandmother. Kind of a sad song no?

And Katie sent returning to work stuff for month three.

How great are they?



Auntie Katie’s visit!

IMG_0740IMG_0729 IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_0730 IMG_0731 IMG_0732


Katie came for a visit in mid-January. I’m grateful for such great friends who offer to hold Cadence so I can eat  (Thanks Katie!) and who declog Cadence’s boogs (thanks to Celeste and Matt!). We’re lucky to be surrounded by so much love. 🙂