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37 week visit

Cadence kept moving away from the wand & pushing it away (she doesn’t like to have things on top of her!). Dr. Navathe was surprised that she still has space to move! everything seemed good. ended up not doing an ultrasound since I’m measuring correctly again.

got a flu shot for the first time. also did the group B strep test.

CJ def feels like a boulder. Stomach is super hard; taking deep breaths and bending over my stomach isn’t very comfortable. But Dr. Navathe was surprised that I was still so mobile (sat up unassisted).

Getting super excited! our friends Walt & Rachel just had a cutie boy Charlie Max this past week. Definitely feeling real! Less than three weeks to go!




28 weeks!

had our appointment today – Cadence sounded good. up ~16 lbs, 28 cms uterine length. think i am where i should be.

Cadence’s weight is supposed to double this month & go up to ~ 5 lbs. and she can dream now which I think is super cool. i wonder what she dreams about…

also did the diabetes test. our appointments are every 2 weeks now. oh the fun.