Monthly Archives: March 2013


Baby Cadence is sitting pretty well nowadays. She was doing the gorilla lean but now sits like a drunken baby (wobbling to keep her balance). Adam, Jane and I also jointly saw her roll over!

She also had started crying if we don’t let her have something she wants. Great. :/

A sweetie thing she does is she leans in for snuggles now if she’s sitting near you. If she’s facing you on your lap, her head will come in and she’ll rub her face into you. Snuggley bunny.

I get all misty eyed looking back at newborn photos. She was sooo tiny.

She’s at a fun age though. She’s such a happy baby. She was laughing up a storm last night. She’s such a sweetie pie. 🙂

Happy baby

Cadence is (thankfully) better in the car now. Not sure why she used to get so upset in it!

She’s such a happy baby. She’s been giggling a good amount. She likes it when I lay on her stomach on tickle her.

I can see her gradually getting more used to life – she doesn’t get as upset and calms down easier. It’s much easier to distract her into a smile. 🙂 love her.

She still wants to be held most of the time which proves challenging. But over all she’s a good baby on her way to being an excellent baby.

Having Fun With Grandma

Weekdays with Cady

The past couple of weeks I’ve been spending a few days a week with Cady. I’ve been having so much fun watching her develop every day.She rolled over last week for the first time but only did it once but once was enough. Mommy, Daddy and I have been teaching her how to make different sounds and so far she says bah and hi{so smart) She loves the Tigger movie,getting really excited when Tigger bounces from place to place.Her favorite rhyme is One two buckle my shoe.I taught her up and down and she loves playing that while sitting in my lap..I hold her hands and say up and she pulls herself up and when I say down she plops her bottom down(how smart is she)? I am so blessed to be able to spend so much time with Cady as she brings such joy and happiness into my life. I am extremely proud to be her Grandma.