Monthly Archives: July 2015

My big girl

Cadence now goes to the bathroom by herself. She uses a stool to get herself on the toilet. For a while, she made us “stand in line” outside. She sometimes closes the door & says she needs privacy. She doesn’t like to wash her hands anymore (strange since that used to be her fav thing) so she tries to avoid wiping so she doesn’t have to wash her hands (looking for loopholes, my dad will say she’s going to be a lawyer).

She also plays by herself, sometimes going into her room and playing with her dolls.

She still primarily drinks from a bottle & wants a dut dut. She insists she’s still a baby & doesn’t want to be a big girl. What an idiosyncratic girl…

<3breakingly sweet

I was at the park with Cadence & we were leaving (though she didn’t want to). I told her she can’t cry so she stops. We get down the road and she asks me if she can cry when she gets home. I tell her she can if she feels like it.