Monthly Archives: August 2012

stern voice

ok, so we all know Cadence is going to have Adam wrapped around her little finger. I told him he had to work on his stern voice while in Wisconsin, a three year old mugged him.

Adam happily gave up his phone & sunglasses. & then took off his watch as he was told to “give me my watch.” then got punched in the stomach and cried in the car…

28 weeks!

had our appointment today – Cadence sounded good. up ~16 lbs, 28 cms uterine length. think i am where i should be.

Cadence’s weight is supposed to double this month & go up to ~ 5 lbs. and she can dream now which I think is super cool. i wonder what she dreams about…

also did the diabetes test. our appointments are every 2 weeks now. oh the fun.