Monthly Archives: September 2016


cadence has always been someone who does things on her own timetable and can’t be rushed. Jane has been trying to teach her letters for awhile but she’s been uninterested.

this year she seems ready! I was worried I’d have to homeschool her since she seemed to have little interest in school. This year she loves corner coop & wants to go on her off days! She’s finally taken an interest in letters and numbers. She’s picked up the concept of adding and can recognize quantities without pointing and counting.

Shes too smart!

Cabbage patch kid

Cadence wants a cabbage patch kid so real doll for her bday (Jane has already purchased it). I told her I really wanted one when I was little but we didn’t have enough money. I remember mom made me one w a lipstick kiss on the butt.  And then someone (aunt louanne?) bought me a boy cabbage patch kid doll but I wanted a girl. Cadence told me she’d buy me one. ❤️💛💚💙💜


Cadence has been telling me I’ve been yelling at her like I’m a little girl. I told her I’m sorry & that she frustrates me when she doesn’t listen. Today she told me that I need to do what I told her to do and talk it out (the gist).

Clever girl

i was making something for Cadence in the kitchen and she asked me to change the channel. I told her she’d have to be patient bc I could only do one thing at a time. She told me if I was an octopus I could do both.

We were talking about birds and asked her what she thought birds said. She answered “bread bread bread…”