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January 2014 with Auntie San

Slept for 45 minutes, woke up and demanded to see my phone, promptly passed out on the pillow soon after.



Just walking through the PHL airport like it ain’t no thang.



Celebrating Uncle Butts’s birthday!


Cherpumpeach/Hot Mess/6 delights/6 happiness
Pumpkins our inside spice cake
Cherry pie inside white cake
Peach pie inside yellow cake


Dad getting interviewed at Uncle Kam’s dinner



Napping it up.


Loves clementines but…


…Carries them in her mouth.


14 months!

Cadence has changed so much this past month.

She mostly says “d” and “b” words which you have to oftentimes decipher.
– ball
– D for Daniel Tiger, for Super Why (with a flying arm to differentiate)
– bay-bee
– bah (bottle/water)
– deet for breast feeding with a head bob

She nods and shakes her head yes and no.

Think she says tee for auntie and ahma for grandma. I think I’m the only one who’s heard her. She def says butt when she sees Chris’ pic.

Cadence really took to gobbles in Cleveland and has since been obsessed with cats (aaat), dogs (woo woo), ducks (gaw), rabbits (hop hop), frogs. She loves to look at pictures on our phones/tablet. Or watch videos of herself.

She’s so much fun and a joy (ha I typed job – Freudian slip :)) to be around.

Her fav food is prob still rice. She hasn’t been eating a ton lately. She’s been going to bed later (10-10.30) waking up at 9ish. Still mostly napping twice a day.