Monthly Archives: May 2013

Cautious baby

Now that Cadence is starting to move, it’s cool watching her make decisions. The other day she wanted a toy and tried to go for it. It was just out of her reach (which she realized after a couple of attempts) so decided to play with something else. It’s awesome seeing her thought process. She’s good with her hand eye coordination and has determined how to pick things up or reach things with her other hand if the first doesn’t do the job.

Today she was on her hands and knees and was able to move both hands forward. Steph thinks she’ll be crawling this week.

Cadence is now pretty happy playing on the floor by herself. Very nice that she’s able to entertain herself. Every new milestone, she gets happier being more independent. She’s a very happy baby overall and we’re very lucky.

Jane thinks CJ is able to identify me, Adam, auntie and the fan. We try and test her but its difficult to really know if she’s able to name certain objects.

Mama’s girl

She’s gotten to the point where she prefers me and cries when I leave (which breaks my heart).

I love that she has a giggle fest when I kiss her face and neck. And when she rests her head against me when I hold her. Love that girl. 🙂

Trip to Cleveland

Cadence can scoot backwards. We were in Cleveland two weeks ago and Cadence’s arms have become much stronger. Steph thinks she’ll be crawling this week sometime.

Cadence was very well behaved and enjoyed the Chin family. We went out to eat a lot, went to the zoo, mee mee took her in a little pool, and the family gave her snacks of everything (Cheetos).

Chris even let her play in his sauce all over his plate (San enjoyed me exclaiming, Christopher!).

G-daddy was excited to see us and spend the entire week with us. Paw was excited to see her and that they wore matching pink. Mee mee’s always excited to see CJ.

Also really enjoys drinking water (see videos in May).


Stranger danger! & other updates…

Today’s Cadence’s 6 month birthday! How quickly the 1/2 year went!

Cadence has definitely hit the object permanence and stranger danger stage. She used to go to anyone willingly. Now she holds her hands out when she wants to be held. It’s pretty cute when she tilts her head to peek around someone or something so she can see the thing she wants (first time was probably about a month ago at 5 months when dad held something up and she tilted her head to see grandma.

Today I could see the wheels turning. She was reaching for one toy but couldn’t reach it. Then she looks over at a different toy and reaches her arm out to see if that was closer (it wasn’t so she went back to trying for the first).

Cadence is also teething. She’s Ben pulling her ear & has a rash. She’s been super drooly already so not much change there. Adam is grossed out by her drool, which is funny to be since I always thought nothing could gross him out.

Oh she has a side of the bed preference which is funny.

Cadence seems to be slightly ahead developmentally. She doesn’t like being on her stomach much. Also she’s behind in being able to stack the rings.

Mama loves you!