That’s what happens when an Chinese woman has an Irish baby….

A bunch of people asked about Cadence’s birth. It was not fun!

Things started at 12.20ish the morning of nov 2nd (Cadence’s actual due date!). I felt some leakage while I was sleeping. Waited an hr to see if I was imagining things but it happened again an he later. So I woke Adam up to take me to the hospital.

Mostly nervous about what was happening. Saw a midwife at Brigham who said “yes, that’s amniotic fluid” and was set up in a birthing room. Adam and I were both excited. We hung around waiting for labor to progress. Mom woke up and met us at the hospital. By midmorning I wasn’t really having contractions so I was put on pitocin. I was on pitocin all day but my contractions still weren’t close or strong enough. Early in the morning of the third I decided to take an epidural so I could sleep. Adam and i were exhausted; Mom was all pumped.

Spent nov 3rd trying to get Cadence to the correct position for birth. The staff thought she may have been posterior which was causing delays. And CJ is particular; her heart rate would decrease if I wasn’t on her fav side which would make the staff decrease pitocin slowing the whole process. I was put on oxygen and Cadence responded well to that. Every hour or so I was flipped onto my other side.

I pushed for 2 hrs without much change. Baby’s big ole head kept hitting my pelvis. The midwife told us she had a little capit (sp?) and might have a cone head. Poor baby- she has to be cute (or else my dad would tell me that’s what I get for making fun of ugly babies). They called the doc in who basically said I would not be able to delivery vaginally so off to the OR we went!

I was a bit nervous having never been operated on. My mom looked scared as they wheeled me out. They drugged me up- I felt nauseous and had the shakes.

Adam said a couple things scared him. One was when he saw CJ’s head while i was pushing. And when he went to see Cadence he saw them pumping my body and blood gushing out. And my shakes.

Adam showed me pics of Cadence but I couldn’t focus my eyes. Felt really out of it. The midwife showed me she had slanty Asian eyes (yup, she pulled her eyes across. Awesome). I remember hearing Cadence cry and it was good and strong and loud for a newborn.

Cadence was born at 1.20 am on Sunday, November 4th (before daylight savings time) 7.2 lbs and 19 inches long. Adam showed her to me. He was crying. Everyone kept saying how gorgeous she is.

They brought me back to the room where I breast fed her. I kind of protested bc i was shaking so bad but the nurse was insistent. Cadence latched on immediately. Sad that my memories have a drug induced haze. My mom was amazed I stopped shaking when I held her. We rested a bit then were brought upstairs to the recovery area. My mom held Cadence for hours and said she was so alert. She said she now understood love at first sight (despite already having 4 kids…).

I breast fed again after some protesting (I couldn’t keep my head up) and then sent her to the nursery.

The staff was great and def all about tough love. I couldn’t have done it w/o Adam and my mom.

Hard to sleep with everyone coming in and out adjusting meds taking temps etc. I had a fever so I was put on antibiotics. They also put massagey boots on me bc I had been lying down for so long. Felt groggy all Sunday. Paw paw, grandma, Dhana, Tammy and San all came by. Everyone was in love. 🙂

Catheter was removed and I got out of bed on Sunday. Got to brush my teeth and wash my face!

Monday and Tuesday I did some walking and felt ok. Stuck to the Motrin. My stomach felt tight like when you’ve had a good abs workout. It hurt to lay on my side – felt my uterus swaying around.

We took a baby bathing class where Cadence was the guinea pig. Adam squeezed my hand – he doesn’t like to hear her cry.

Nicole stopped by on Tuesday. So did San, mom, Joe and Natalia.

Wednesday we went home. Adam was itching to get out of the hospital.

San has been by a bunch of times. Kayla held a baby for her first time. Dhana’s tried to steal her and Sevil has scolded Dhana.

Breast feeding has been going well. The lactation nurse told me i was a natural and they should use me in an instructional video. Milk didn’t really start coming in full force till Friday.

– Cadence would freak out before she passed gas or did anything. Everything so new to her… Everyday has gotten easier and we’re learning her cues.
– Cadence is a gassy baby.
– she’s strong, already moves her head around.
– she hates when her diaper is changed. Freaks out when she pees, is oddly ok with poop
– she’ll sleep in her Moses basket all day – night comes, she’ll stay in for an hour. We quickly discovered co-bedding is the best way for us all to sleep.
– she loves kisses. She turns her head into them.
– she opens her mouth and laughs with my mom.
– she’s over the pacifier already. That was so last week.
– when she gets really worked up, she squeezes her own cheeks (starting from her eyes :/).
– I love when she sleeps and breathes into my neck.

Special thanks to my mom for being there for us – cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, taking Cadence when we’re tired even if it is 4am. She makes it look effortless and always has a smile on her face. I hope that Cadence will love and admire me as much as I do my mom someday. Love you more!

6 thoughts on “That’s what happens when an Chinese woman has an Irish baby….

  1. Keenan!

    So yeah, I have many tears in my eyes right now…thanks so much for sharing that amazing journey!!!! You, Adam, “Mom”, CJ…what troopers you all are!!! Let me know when you are up for visitors, I don’t want to come unannounced, so I’d love to set up a time…and let me know if I can bring anything! 🙂

  2. Aunt KT

    It is really great that you wrote this because I am sure that Cadence will want to hear the story of her birth. Cadence is so luck to have such wonderful parents and grandparents in her life. Also, I knew that you would be a natural! And, yeah those compression boots really suck; I am not sure how they expect people to sleep with those.

  3. Great Anuty Polly

    I’m so glad you wrote this out, too, Sam. Saves having to tell each of us, singly, again and again. And you know we ALL wanted to know how it all came down. What a harrowing experience!

    This blog is a beautiful way to remember these early days. So many of these memories will fade if you don’t write and share them.

    I, too, sympathize w/the way they interrupted your sleep throughout the night, and those stupid pumping compression boots… Don’t they realize, we would feel a whole lot better if we could just get a good nights rest?! I suspect it’s part of their plan to get you super-motivated to haul your butt home, asap!

    My favorite part is your random notes. She’s such an affectionate baby!! Thanks for making the effort to keep us up to date on all the activities and stages of Cadence development. Look forward to seeing you, Adam and our little angel soon!

    Grand Yee

  4. April

    Sam! I’m so happy you all are ok and your birth sounds just like the birth of my 1st niece. she had a cone head from being in the birth canal too long but she was so cute as is Cadence! Congratulations again and I miss you!

  5. Janie

    Awwwww~cool to hear all the gory details, Sam! LOL. Glad that everything worked out well–Cadence is adorable! (but, really, how could she NOT be?!)

    Watch out as this little peanut grows up, she’ll be a sneaky Scorpio (just like me!). 😉

    Have an awesome first Thanksgiving being a Mom & Dad, you two!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  6. Nicole

    ahh! totally crying at my desk reading this. I have no idea why

    So glad everyone is ok and thriving 🙂 She is absolutely precious and it was love at first sight for me as well. Also made me love YOU even more because I was so worried for you! (which is silly because millions of people do this every day)



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